Lookin’ Back With Rohan Moorjani

Within the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo area, often it is known for its less-diversified campus, however in uncovering more on style within the area I came to interview Australian native Rohan Moorjani.

Rohan Moorjani takes on the Joystick.

In his travels, Rohan has grown up in Dublinin the Northern California area. While the majority of his family is from India, and few relatives remain there, Rohan annually makes trips out to Melbourne to stick to his roots. 

Rohan’s style is not particularly eclectic to any region either, rather a blend of different fashions from different hearths. Rohan’s father, Paran, was a model for some time for business casual attire in India prior his career in business consulting currently. 

Creativity is essential in best representing oneself in an outfit. Rohan’s recommended brand of interest is Absurd. The New York label gives a garage-feel of what Vans may have incorporated in the 90s, at one point releasing a screen print for avid fans to make their own merch.

Bailey Snow, a journalism major fourth year student comments on fashion on the Central Coast, “Background fuels style, and in a way the more connected you are to your culture the more inspirational it becomes to embody that heritage.” Bailey’s family is half Indian, and it can be reflected in his attributes to outfit design.

His roommate, the San Diego native Matthew Wirick reminisces his grade school diversity in comparison to attending Cal Poly. “It flushes individuality down the toilet, not embracing who you are. Some days it feels as if Cal Poly is a living echo chamber.”

It takes a humble individual and an imaginative personality to harness these qualities and to reject the plain. Check out the embedded video for an inside scoop interview with Rohan Moorjani.

Short interview with Rohan Moorjani.

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