Minimal: Often More than Meets the Eye

Entering the central coast, one can expect to find surfers, college students, and plenty of other individuals creating their sense of style.

While some dress with less flair, it is often to pass by another wearing clothing identifiable to a different culture. In this hub of people with strikingly different perspectives in terms of outfit dynamic, San Luis Obispo glows with singularity of one’s identity.

Chris Stamp, interviewed by Complex magazine, explains his departure from his origin, “After I graduated high school I went to college at Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo. I started my degree in graphic design… it was at that point, that I felt pigeonholed; I didn’t want to be locked into a career where I was designing menus and logos my entire life” (Complex).

Stamp went on to later create his own designs in footwear and different takes on released sneakers. In this case, Stamp embodies characteristics of one’s ambition in their own style to be able to manifest it as a feasible business opportunity.

Stampd, the company founded in Los Angeles in 2011 reflects simple iconic cues from past trends matched with modern and utility design. The ‘avantstreet’ brand pillars their foundation with classic articles of clothing with a touch of futurism.

In terms of contemporary luxury, many on the west coast lack the eloquence Stampd resonates.

Local civilians wait in line to check out new capsule drops at the Melrose Stampd in Los Angeles, 2017.

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